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Hi, my name's Jules, I am 24 and a mother of 2. Jamie is 5 1/2 and has an autistic spectrum disorder. my daughter, Libbi Mae, is nearly 4.
I am learning more every day about autism...we received a 'working diagnosis' in january this year, but knew things were not right since he was around 2 years old. initially i put it down to sibling jealousy, when as soon as my daughter started sitting unaided, jamie would push her over and became more aggressive to her as time went by. nowadays the problems are quite different, although he is still agressive to her at times. his problems include lack of social interaction with other children, behaviour towards parents etc, OCD, no understanding of acceptable rules in public...to name a few. the list goes on, and it's really hard to cope at times. most days i find myself in tears wandering why me]? why my child? and part of me is unable to accept that he may never grow out of it. and if you are going through a similar scenario you will understand when i say that guilt is one of the hardest parts to deal with. i feel guilty when i shout, i feel guilty when i know he can't help it, i feel guilty for my daughter, like why the hell should she have to put up with all of this. all normal i expect.
it would just be really nice to chat with other parents who are going through a similar thing to us and share stories, compare similarities and relate to what each other is saying. it's pretty useless trying to explain autism to friends, or anybody else for that matter. they just don't understand it do they?! all i want is for my son to be a happy healthy boy, i love him with all my heart and it breaks it to see him unhappy. hoping for some friendly chat, jules x
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Name: jds1895 | Date: Mar 21st, 2009 11:04 PM
I have three children with an ASD in August a friend of mine told me about this juice and I was not in good health at the time and I started drinking it. After being on it for about 6 weeeks I started my son on it - he had great drastic results and the teacher reported great concentration in the classroom. Other people report increase eye contact, more alert,and contecting better among other things. I know that for some people ASD is just one health problem but this juice is known to help other problems also. I wanted everyone in the ASD realm to know about it, and contact me for more information. Julie Savage 724-205-1781 

Name: crazy36 | Date: Apr 7th, 2009 1:11 PM
hi i would chat 

Name: tonycornwall | Date: Apr 9th, 2009 12:21 PM
hi jules my 4 year old ollie has been diagnosed with asd today ,we have know sence he was 2 ,he still doesnt speak at all and is still in nappys at bedtime ,what can i say othere than stay strong ,and try not to feel to bad if you shout at him, we are all guilty of that sometimes, no ones perfect ,and your right no one really understands do they ,ollie had a tantrum in te street this morning because a lorry went past ,it was to loud and fast for him,and everyone around was looking,there not much you can do about things like that ,you just have to grow a thick skin, 

Name: connorsmummy | Date: Apr 14th, 2009 4:59 PM
hi jules my son was diagnosed today with asd and adhd....im still a little in shock i guess but some how i know deep down he had these things..if u wanna chat feel free i would love to chat to other parents with children the same as my little boy..xxxx 

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