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I had read the articles posted about potty training but how do you know when your child is read?. My 2 1/2 year old son will take off his diaper and find a corner to stand and pee in or even poop. It always has to be a corner like the bed, entertainment stand, a chair, or even out side on a tree. If he is in the crib he aims outside the crib or pushes his butt against the bars to poop so it won't land in the crib. He hates being messy. It's must be exciting for him but a nasty mess for me. We tried sitting him on his potty but the hole scares him and he screams. We tried the potty all over the house but he hates it. We also tried getting him to stand and aim into the potty or even a big bucket but he likes to just go around the house without concern. If he does go in his diaper he rips it off immediately. I've tried taking him to the bathroom every day and my husband has shown him repeatedly how it is done but the bathroom is play time to him and a sacred spot he will not go potty. I think he is ready but how can I teach him to go in the same spot everyday other then the floor? Am I kidding myself on thinking he's ready? I feel like he's so close but I'm oviously missing something.
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Name: shawntaw | Date: Aug 11th, 2005 6:40 AM
My seven yr old is doing this exact same thing. The good news is he'll potty train briefly...but then forget. Maybe if we just keep at it they'll eventually make it a part of their routine. Good luck.... 

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