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We have a young child with autism and we are feeling like we need to relocate because we don't the state we live in is not a good environment for our autistic child. We are considering Indiana because they seem to have services that fit our needs. We also have heard that
they have [a href="http://www.littlestarcent
south bend[/a]. We don't know a lot about it, so if someone can offer more information that would be great. What states do you think are good for autism services?
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Name: alfies mummy | Date: Nov 2nd, 2011 2:46 PM
it doesnt matter where you live it matters what you do just because you cant get the right help in your area doesnt mean you have to move as moving can cause so much up set for children with autism i would advise you to strongly think about moving is right for your family if it is look it to where would offer you more support. if you look on the internet you can find a lot of infomation about teaching tips for children with autism and take matters into your own hands! you know your child better than anyone so do right by him/her 

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