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My son's teacher went to a free seminar about this because they thought it was worth considering it for him. The web site is www.SensoryLearning-NKentucky.com. The sensory learning program is a multi-sensory approach to developmental learning it stimulates the visual auditory and vestibular systems with light, sound, and motion. The program is a 30 day intervention. It consists of two-30 minute sessions each day for 12 straight days, including weekend and holidays, at the Center or the office of a provider. After the 12 days , you go home with a portable light instrument to continue the treatments for the next 18 days with 20 minute sessions each morning and evening. It is costly but I thought maybe someone would be interested in looking into it. We haven't tried it but are considering it if we can get the money because it not a dangerous or mean treatment. And who knows it might work I have read nothing but good comments about this. I hoped i helped someone. If you have tried this let me know how it was and if it works Please!!!!
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