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Name: jsepulia
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I have an assignment for school due and was hoping if anyone was interested in helping ...

I am currently taking a class, Intro to Exeptional Children, and one of my assignments includes interviewing a parent that has a child with a disablity.
Here are the questions ...

1. What is the disablity?
2. How long have you known that your child has a disability?
3. How did you feel when you first found out about your child's disablity?
4. What is the most challenging part of being a parent with a disability?
5. What is the most rewarding part?
6. What is your biggest fear about your child?
7. How do siblings get along or interact with their brother/sister with a disablity?
8. How do you cope with raising a child with disability?
9. What services are being provided to your child?
10. How would you rate the services?
11. What advice would you give techers who are working with children with disabilities?
12. What other comments or information would you like to share about raising a child with disabilities?

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your answers with me. I really appreciate it =) ↓
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Name: rettsmom | Date: Mar 22nd, 2010 11:02 PM
if you are still interested i will answer your questions. my son was just diagnosed with autism and he is 3 years old. ~mindy (i will wait to see a response on here before answering all 12.) 

Name: Jsharp138385 | Date: Apr 8th, 2010 9:45 AM
1. Autism
2. 6+ months.
3. Scared, Hopeless, & Angry
4. Helping them develop acceptable behavior
5. His Smile. He is a very loving, friendly child, but he stays upset all the time, b/c things don't always go his way. It breaks my heart that I can't make everything right in the world for my baby, but when I see that beautiful smile, it melts my heart.
6. His future. I know he's going to have to try so much harder than most to get through some days.
7. My older son is 7yrs. older than him, so I'm lucky there that he is more understanding, but theres still distance between them, b/c he is so aggressive.
8. I have a lot of stress I deal w/on a daily basis. It's hard to keep your head up, & keep your hopelessness from affecting the rest of your life.
9. He has occupational, & speech therapy.
10.I would rate his therapist a 10. They have been wonderful in helping us not only find out what was wrong w/him, but also in helping us cope.
11.Patience, & Understanding. My biggest concern for my son is that he's going to go through life thinking people don't like him, b/c they just don't understand.
12. At first I was worried that I wouldn't be able to help my son the way he needed to be helped. I was afraid that he was going to have a much harder lot in life, b/c of his disability. I've learned over the last few months, that I have all the means ness. to help my son. Love, Love, Love! The rest we will take on a daily basis, but the love I know he feels from myself, my husband, & his brother, will hopefully help him get through any challenges he will face. 

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