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I am hoping to speak to parents with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, at whatever level, to answer a few quick questions for a research project I am undertaking. I work for The Big Picture, a research agency, and we are currently doing some voluntary work for a charity that creates wonderful products which help children with all kinds of disabilities.
Our aim is to create a new product that will meet the needs of autistic children on a day to day basis and hopefully make your lives easier and more enjoyable. We would love to hear about your experiences, in order to create the best product we can. We are particularly interested here in the behavioural aspects of your child’s autism (if symptoms are present) as opposed to the language and social skills:

1. Firstly, what are the challenges you face as part of your daily routine with regard to your child’s behaviour? Think about mornings, meal times, out and about, doing the weekly shop, etc.

2. There are three product development areas that we’re particularly interested in; a calming product, a security product, or a product associated with IT products, for example, hard cases for PCs, mobile phones, iPads etc. Which of the above do you feel would be the most beneficial to you and your child? What could you imagine the product to be?

3. Finally, and this is asking quite a lot of you, so don’t feel obliged to come up with an answer, but if you could imagine an ideal product that would help with your child’s behavioural needs, what would it be?

We would really love to hear from as many of you as possible, even if it is just to share yours and your child’s experiences.
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Name: Grandma Karen | Date: Jan 16th, 2013 3:37 PM
I raised my severely autistic grandson until he was almost 12 yrs. old. We suffered many loses and I finally could no longer provide a safe and sanitary environment for him. I can visit him, take him out, but it is not the same as having him in my home. I struggled about what to get him for Christmas because he breaks everything. He chews on everything including batteries. He has meltdowns and will throw whatever is frustrating him. Your research sounds interesting. You can Email me at [email protected]
Grandma Karen 

Name: mary m | Date: Feb 16th, 2013 8:02 PM
Hy im jst new to this. I am a full time carer for my 15 year old son with severe autism severe learning disabilities challenge behaviour.he was diagnose at 18 mth old as was do severe he has no speach and very little understanding. Evetyday is so diffrent u cant say wats going to happen tomz. My son is soobsessed with argos catalogues he uses as a comfort and takes everywere with him.a lot self harm behaviour is shown bitting his hands punching his face. Banging doors its a painfull thing to watch ur own child go throw.i knw wat his likes and dislikes r bec ive dealt witj it for all his life..ive fought to gt my son wat he needs bec thats the important thing.ive done alot of courses on adult childhood autism. Aaron faces meltdiwn due to the silest wee noice i need stop wat im doing and comfort him. Asron recieves a 2/1 at all times ot foor and 1/1 in skl he attends a special unit with 5star award for autism school. 

Name: n.thetole | Date: Mar 21st, 2013 8:35 AM
Autism - Mohd

At 1 year old, he was able to say a few words. He grows up like other kids and able to play and laughing with the parents and strangers. After 18 months, his parents realize that his son not react like normal. Suddenly he stops talking and react differently. He likes to be alone and not respond when calling. He becomes aggressive and non sociability. No attention and being in his own world. His father try to search in internet and found out that Mohd has similar symptoms with autism. Then, he has found a website, www.thetole.org and very impress with Chinese Master's achievement in treating the local and overseas patients. He immediately called the centre and inquiry about the treatment and appointment.

His father walk in to The Tole during consultation hour and able to meet Chinese Master on Tuesday. Master do an assessment to Mohd and he has 25% of autism and Master give them hope that his son can improve during the treatment.

Mohd undergo 3 sessions of acupuncture and Master prescribe him 3 packets of brain powder herbs. After complete the treatment, Master give him 1 week brain powder herbs because his father only able to come on weekend for next sessions. After 1 month treatment, Mohd able to speak a few word and his autism behaviors has reduced. His parents were so happy with the improvement that shown by Mohd.

This is a true story. You can visit this website for confirmation :---]


can visit this Chinese Master website or facebook if you want more information..



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