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HI I am an honours year student,doing a research project on parentalperceptions of diets in the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders. I have choosen this topic as I am a food student who has aspergers syndrome and my parents have used these diet before. I was wondering if anyone would like to fill outmy parental questionnaire iff so heres the link

would really appreciate yourhelp and i am willing to provide more details

thank you
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Name: fixmatop | Date: Feb 25th, 2011 4:44 PM

I wouldliketo thank anyone who may have filled out my questionnaire and apologise if the wording of this has offended anyone. THe object of my questionaires is to find out if scientific information hasd any influence of the choices of parents in the use of such diets. I choose to pickthis topic for my dissertation I have had personal experience of such diets, I cannot clain to know everything about these diets, but I have reseached many inorder to complete my project. I do understand there is a limited number of diets listed and there are much more avalible,which is the reason I have putother as a catogory. The questions are worded along theseline as i myself have picked pieces of information fom scientific papers that i disagree with and I wondered whatparents thought of this. I believe parents that use such diets are truely remarkable and would do anything to help theirchildren, just asmy parentsdo for me. If anyone truely does disagree or has anything to ask about my uni project please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Again I am very sorry If I haveoffended anyone


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