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I am a father of a 4 year old boy who has been diagnosed being within the spectrum of autism Max is extremely bright, reads, and interacts with only those who he has developed trust. For that I am very grateful. However, Max becomes extremely agitated when he doesn't get his way, and will not engage unless he wants to and does not have complete trust and confidence in the activity and the other participant. Also he sleeps only three to four hours nightly. We have strictly followed the casin free gluten free diet religiously since he was 16 months old. We have used kelation (spelling) supplements B-12 shots, ABA and he is currently in a program 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. five days a week We are still pursuing all options and want to do all we can do for him to give him every opportunity to reach whatever level he can, as we want for his twin brother who is not on the spectrum. We went to a doctor today and she recommeded and proscribed risperdal. i have done my research, and am petrified of the side effects. Any parents out there who has or is treating their child with this drug. What are your stories and thoughts. I truly appreciate your feedback. We are all in it together. Thank you, Max's daddy
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Name: Noon | Date: Mar 2nd, 2011 10:02 PM
Maxdaddy .My 2 yo son is diagnosed to have autism the nerve dr. described the Risperdal for my son when I told him that some times my son is not controllable specially when we wait for hospital appointments .the dr told me to give him 0.25ml once a day for the first week then in the second week gave him 0.25 ml twise and in3rd week 0.25ml and 0.50 ml finally in the 4th week 0.50ml and 0.50 ml
I only gave him the Risperdal for 10 days
another doctor told me that my son is not hyperactive and does not need to take it and I don't know why I did not like it
but maybe because I found some blood in his bobs although it wasd not necessarily from the Risperdal the question is your son hyyperactive????thanks for your replies 

Name: chiefie | Date: Mar 6th, 2011 3:14 AM
i am a single father who is raisin an 5yr old autistic son by myself and he has been taking risperidone 2mg for 2 months now. he has not showed any side affects thus far and it has helped him calm down alot since. of course he still has his moments tho. he was diagnosed just this past august and has came a long ways since. he takes risperidone at nitetime and atomoxetine 40mg in mornings,although he still does not talk he has learned alot since he started meds. he knows abcs but still wont read or write yet. his speech therapist and occupational therapy are helping alot as he tries to talk when he wants and can kinda write his name. anyway without these meds i really dont believe he would be this far. 

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