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My child is a very happy 25 month old child. We are going to OT and Speech Therapy currently. My son during infancy would spin toys while flapping his hands up to 10-15 minutes at a time. He would appear deaf at times when you would call his name and also made limited eye contact. As he got older he stopped spinning toys and started responding to his name when called. He stills flaps his arms when excited or while doing stimming behaviors (like throwing rocks into a pond.) He is interested in other children and is very affection with us now. He does have sensory issues overstuff mouths, doesn't like certain clothes, and his faced cleaned ect... He is all about deep pressure and bear hugs. He can say around 100 words now, but has a hard time expressing his needs. He does say thank you or where are you when we leave the room, but can't figure out how to ask for a drink etc... I think he is very intelligent into books, balls, coloring, trucks, cars, and music. He is very hyper-active could walk 1-2 miles at 18 months without stopping. He will study the detail of objects has to carry around two leaves, balls, straws, or blocks etc... He will at times get upset if you change his routinue, but not always it just depends. His OT therapist voices concerns for red flags for autism. I do agree he does show some signs, and some have just disappear. He makes excellent eye contact now is social, but doesn't point to anything that he is interested in. I was just wondering if anyone has had a child on the spectrum that is social. We are going to several specialist and will get answers soon.
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Name: KiwiKids | Date: Jan 27th, 2011 3:56 AM
Hi. My son was diagnosed with moderate autism at the age of 3. But we always new he was different.
He is an EXTREMELY social child. Loves kids and has no problem going up to other kids and playing. And he also has an awesome imagination.
What we are learning fast, is how large the Autism spectrum is.
His autistic traits are flapping, echolia, no awareness to his safety etc etc . So he has a couple of issues. A lot of autistic kids are social and can be interactive, but once you have watched or chatted to them for a while you will notice the difference between the "average" kid and an autistic kid. 

Name: VKaufmann | Date: Feb 5th, 2011 1:10 AM
my son was recently diagnosed with autism. He was diagnosed a month ago, and will be two this feb 25th. He is EXTREMELY hyperactive, responds to his name inconsistently, and does not speak at all (other then baby talk). He enjoys running in circles, running in large cicles around the entire living room, and jumping on the couch until he is drenched in sweat, He drools quite a bit, and does not appropriately play with toys without being helped by his at home teacher, when he plays with them on his own he typically just bangs them or throws them. He also likes spinning the wheels on his cars.

As far as being 'alert' he is quite alert. He makes some eye contact, though inconsistently, but doesnt respond to when someone is crying or upset.

Hope this helps. 

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