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Hi everyone, I have 2 boys aged 13 and 15 my 13 year old has ADHD and ASD. I have had so many problems with my son from stealing to lying to coming home late to jumping out of windows to go out when he is grounded. He is also mixing with the wrong crowd kids that are 17 and upwards in age who do drugs and have been to prison and so on. Friday just gone he decided to come back into the house when i was having my driving lesson. He is a very smart child he left the window catch open so that he could climb in when i had gone. He stole his brothers xbox elite and games and all the things that go with it, 450 worth he also tried to break into my room which was locked thank god not that i believe in god. He couldn't get in. He had the cheek to gel his hair before he made his way out the window. He swapped the xbox for a mini rucksack and a old pair of tracksuit bottoms with this 17 year old boy. Anyway i had my son arrested and he spent the night in the police station. Not that my 15 year old will get his xbox back which he paid for himself from saving his paper round money. I still feel so angry nothing of mine was taken but just the thought of him tryin to break into my room. I was not going to let him come back home i said to the police and to social services they will have to find him somewhere. Anyway i let him come home from the police station on saturday saying to to social worker i want lots of support and groups where my son can attend to teach him right from wrong he clearly thinks he can do what he likes. He is not at school even those he was found a special boarding school He lasted 10 weeks and has lost his broading placement and at the moment is not aloud in school due to his agressive angry outbursts and also he keeps walking out of school. I have really had enough. Every time i look at him i feel such anger and also starting to feel that i hate him. I can't even go to the toilet without him stealing something or snooping around toughing stuff that don't belong to him also he is stealing food and i am finding wrappers stuffed down the sofa or the floorboards. he is also driving me mad with what he wants and he wants it when he says or there is a major temper trandrum. I don't know how much more i can take when he is 16 i will be making arrangements for him to have his own place where someone can keep a eye on him. I am living in hell everyday and my son does not care about me or his brother it is all about him. He has no empathy and no emotion which i know is down to his ASD but surely that can be taught to him he can't carry on like he is doing. He is known to the police now and they have told him if he carrys on he will be going to a young offenders unit. Anyone got any advice for me? Please HELP.
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