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Hi. I have two autistic boys, 13 and 11, and am looking for some fun places to take them in California that is "autism" friendly. We may even travel up through Oregon and Washington. Does anyone have any places to recommend? We go to Disneyland annually so we know about their passes. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Name: tasha1011 | Date: Aug 9th, 2010 4:09 PM
You can take your sons to the Long Beach Aquarium. There are over 12,000 animals and plenty of interactive attractions. My son who is also autistic loves this place. There is also the California Science Center. It also provides interactive exhibits. There are no lines at either places.

Also, Legoland, Disneyland, and the San Diego Zoo accept the disability passes. You would have to show proof from a doctor of your sons's disability (ie. autism). You can go to their websites for more information.

Since you have a teen and pre-teen, there is a surf camp for children with autism. Held each August, children with autism can attend this 4 day camp at the La Jolla Shores beach. You can find out more at surfershealing.org.

I hope this helps. I also have a son with autism and give tips and suggestions on my blog. You can visit it at http://raisingsucautistic.blogspot.com/

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