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Hi ANY advice and people's thoughts would be appreciated :)
My gorgeous girl 4 yrs old 5 in may has always been "different" to other kids but just more hyperactive, sensitive and quirky! Zoo for example she refused to go near some places because of strong smells, (which we didn't notice for another few minutes and then was hardly noticeable and wasn't poo smells etc either!) she covers up her ears an says its to loud and sometimes that can be just two people having a conversation, but party's etc she has her hands on her ears pretty much the whole time! She has out bursts alot always making strange noises which I just thought, its just Mia she likes it, but its got more noticeable as she's got older as I thought it was a toddler thing,but she's throwing her head round Bit now excited twitching etc eating dinner, like excited movements! And she's very fussy over eating, it's a hard task to get her to eat anythink unless its cheesy pasta or a "picnic dinner" as she calls it! Sandwiches etc! She loves touching things, fabrics etc and has an excited twitch if u like when she sees baby's or even interacting with kids! Mia will bite her inner cheek and squeal and lightly (after lots of work teaching her to be more gentle) pinch there ear! She always use to get right in kids faces making excited noises touching or squeezing! Which as she was younger was hard, if i said gentle she would fly off round the room in a state! she has to still get right in childrens faces most the time, being friendly but it still bothers other kids im trying to teach her to stay a step back but she wants to get right up an stroke them or pinch ears! She finds it hard to stay still has always been very hyper, I often had comments like god how do you cope she never stops!! She's often in a make believe land being a dog or cat, specially at any family party's or parks were there's people! She will run around being a dog or cat etc talking to herself! She will let me play only if I pretend to be a dog or cat catcher, otherwise she's not that interested! As a young toddler if she feel you couldn't touch her or fare react in a shocked manor, like "oh are you okay Mia" she would go mad and shout etc and if you tried to pick her up she would scream and hit out! It would be awful when some poor old woman got to her first and touched her in the park! I said oh no don't touch... To late!! Mia would be so angry and upset and lash out! An if you were even looking! She would look up and I'd look away and pretend I didn't see and she then would be ok, but from the age of 18 months she would be fuming if I reacted in anyway to her falling down or even looked! Now I have a son that age I can see a HUGE difference. I asked my health visitor when she was two, but because she was talking well, could say small sentences like "the norm" and would respond to her name and give eye contact they said no she's fine! Now the school have concerns and out getting her looked into by paediatricians etc and when I said I think it's mild autism or sensory processing disorder, I explained what health visitor had said and she said no it could be autism still! They do give eye contact etc, not all children with autism have the same signs! Mia is no different to me and I adore her the way she is she's a joy and a real character and I know as long as she gets supported now so she doesn't fall further behind in school its all a positive! And now I just want to find out as much as I can to try help her in anyway, she's amazing and wouldn't change one thing about her!
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Name: Kelly cowin | Date: Jan 15th, 2013 6:27 AM
Sorry for awful typing errors I meant to say that when she fell over you couldn't react in anyway or she would react very badly! 

Name: Gilly11 | Date: Feb 10th, 2013 12:27 PM

first you need to find a pediatrician psychologist and have the right diagnosis. Other people cannot diagnosis your child properly. I am so sorry that you have to go through this, but now 1 out of 300 children born have Autism. My son is 2, and we have just been diagnosised. I am still in shock, even thought I have know something has been wrong since he quit talking at 1 yr of age. He has about 20 words going, and then he went away to an adoptive home. They ended up sending him back, so my husband and I are adopting him now. I thought it was a trauma situation that he stopped speaking. But then other things starting happening. We went to the psychologist last week, and he has now been "labeled". Which means, we can now get more help, or learn what we need to know. My son makes eye contact with the family, but not strangers. He has many phobias, elevators, toilet (starting to think he is
Claustrophobic) I think i responded to another post you have somewhere. my email is [email protected]. I hope we can become internet friends, I know you can help me. I am still in shock after our visit last week with the Dr, even though I have know for a while something was wrong. 

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