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I am a mom of twin 14 1/2 year old boys. They were 2 months premature and they are also adopted. Both were diagnosed with autism at an early age but both are relatively high functioning.

My question to all of you experts out there is this...one of the boys has been diagnosed with OCD since about 10 years old and has been on medication (different types and dosages). Since he was little he started taking books from anywhere. I am a elementary school teacher and he took from me and my friends. He has stolen from the middle school book fair and from the library at school (all returned and he suffered consequences from the school). We have found 100's of books throughout time that he has stolen from multiple places. We have tried several things to discipline him from spanking to taking everything out of his room to locking things up. His brother and sister have to lock their bedrooms because he will take things. We are Christians so have have even tried to appeal to his heart. Nothing seems to be helping. My son has already stolen from a store and been taken to the security there. I am truly afraid that my son will end up in jail and we are not sure what direction to go. He does not seem the least bit remorseful. Any thoughts advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks for listening!
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