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Hi, i am not sure whether i am typing in the right place as i am new to all this. But i am reaching out to mums in the same situation . My husband did the greener grass thing 18mths ago , about the same time my 3yr old son was diagnosed with high functioning Autism, thats what they call it in Australial. i have spent the last year being educated on autism and taking my son to theropy, as well as helping my 7yr old daughter overcome what he father has done and understand her brother and why i he gets a little more attention. it just would be nice to compare notes with other mums.
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Name: crofty | Date: Oct 27th, 2007 12:35 PM
Hi JoEliza, it must be hard for you on your own. I have 2 children my 5 yr old is high functioning and my 4 yr old severe. I often feel guilty as i have to devote more time to the 4 yr old even though his older brother still has his needs. My husband and i seperated a while ago but we are back together now but it is a constant effort dealing with day to day stresses and each other!
I try and hope things will improve a little in time. What kind of therapy does your son have?
Also the NAS has some good books for explaining things to siblings.
Good luck, i know i'm not in the same situation as you but i'm here to chat and help if i can whenever. 

Name: Eileen4 | Date: Dec 6th, 2007 10:38 PM
Hi am 23yrs old with 2 Children, My son has Autism it would be great if you would like to chat with me as i don't really have anyone i can talk too. 

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