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Name: lou.wolves
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hello everyone. this is my first posting. i feel very isolated as i have no friends and am a single parent to 2 children 1 has autism. i hope to be able to chat with people in similar situation to myself
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Name: karen 9118 | Date: Aug 2nd, 2008 9:52 PM
hi lou.wolves, i have 3 children my oldest son who is 11 has autism + adhd, i also have no friends and am very isolated, so i know how you feel 

Name: Kimmy L | Date: Aug 3rd, 2008 6:38 PM
I can totally relate, isolation is one of my biggest challenges. I feel like I can't connect with other mothers or families because when I bring my child with autism to parties, events, the park, he always wants to leave or is acting inappropriately and I want to leave. I try to have conversations with other mothers but I get interupted by my son with autism. I feel sorry for my other son who is typically because sometimes its tough for him not to live a normal life. 

Name: robbie | Date: Aug 3rd, 2008 7:33 PM
hi lou, my name is sam, i have two children aged 3yrs and 5yrs, my eldest son has a.s.d, global development and we are trying for a diagnoses of dyspraxia as he has verbal dyspraxia, i know how you feel when you say you feel isolated, it is very stressful and it would be nice to chat to someone who knows what life is like and the hurdles we have everyday, hope to spk soon.sam.x 

Name: gfagan72 | Date: Aug 4th, 2008 6:07 PM
Hi, Lou. My name is Gina I have three kids, 2 have autism one worse then the other. Would luv to chat and support eachother! 

Name: lou.wolves | Date: Aug 20th, 2008 8:16 PM
hi sam. sorry took so long to reply, aint been on here in a while beacause thought no one would talk to me. am glad you replied. hope to have a chat sometime. thanx 

Name: Ontario_Father | Date: Aug 21st, 2008 11:51 AM
hello lou.wolves, I was in the same place you where 2 years ago. My son who was 20 months at the time was diagnosed with sever ASD, and I felt alone. Now 2 years later he is such a great child talking, toilet trained, and happy. I would be happy to chat with you. Drop your e-mail address if you want to chat. 

Name: There IS Hope | Date: Jul 14th, 2009 4:33 AM
Hi. I work in a school district, as a special-education paraprofessional. I have been blessed to care for and help many different children of various ages, with a variety of challenges. I recently listened to / watched a woman share her incredible story of raising a son with autism. It touched me deeply. Her son was healed, a few years back, and continues to improve in his schooling. I ordered her book and found so much hope in her experience. Hope that applies to everyone, including families with autism but not limited to only autism. My heart goes out to all. If anyone is interested in the details of the book and the radio / t.v. program, please e-mail me at [email protected] (Since it is my understanding that some things cannot be posted.) With excitement, encouragement, and heart-felt appreciation and compassion to every family touched by especially autism...There IS Hope. 

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