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My landlord sold our house that we have been living at since my son was born. We were on a month to month lease and are being asked to leave by the new landlord. We feel an apartment is out of the question because of my sons behaviors. He can be very difficult at times and extremely loud into the exhausting late hours. All the houses we are looking at are so expensive and are half a doubles so I know the neighbors are going to hear us. We have early intervention coming into our home now. I've heard that my neighbors think this is social services because we neglect our son and let him scream all the time. They don't understand autism nor the complexity of my sons behaviors. I've tried explaining this to them but they just think I'm a bad mother making excuses. I can't imagine where we are going to move to and have to be out of here by 10/1. Everywhere we have been looking all claim to be nice quite neighborhoods. I feel like we don't fit in anywhere. How do your neighbors react to your children and how do you keep your kids quite to an exceptable level?
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