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i received this from the autistic society this morning and even though it's about Thanksgiving, i thought it was beautiful and applies to all year.

Thanksgiving is a time to gather together with family and friends and celebrate all the things for which we are thankful. But when someone we love is diagnosed with autism, and when we have been struggling with the challenges of autsim year after year, however, it is easy to lose sight of something very important: being thankful for that special person with autism, and all the wonderful ways he or she has touched our lives and changed us forever.

People with autism have a different way of looking at the world , and that should be embraced and celebrated. So on this day, let us take a step back from the trials and tribulations that we experience every day of the year, and look across the table at these wonderful human beings ...and be thankful from the bottom of our hearts that we have them.
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