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My son's were born on the same day exactly a year apart...On September 13th, so the weather is usually still pretty good then. So this upcoming summer my sons will be 1 and 2. I feel bad for having their birthday parties together since it is my youngests first birthday... But I think that will be the best way to do it. Could some one please give me advice on throwing birthday parties for multiple babies..of different ages?? I'm completely clueless!! Thanks
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Name: Susan | Date: Aug 23rd, 2008 7:20 PM
Wow. Be glad they aren't on the same day but like five years apart! It's still easy to have the same kind of theme and games if they're close in age. And be glad right now that they won't care about having joint parties. You might hit a point where it becomes an issue.

Lots of great themes to chose - Bob the builder or Sesame Street to name two. You could do Sesame Street and have one kid be Elmo and the other one be Big Bird and do everything yellow and red. I think they even do a cake topper set that's Elmo and Big Bird together. Have a separate play area for the really young ones and a few organized games for the older kids. I just posted a cute idea using the "walk, walk" song they did on Sesame Street with Destiny's child that would work great on my blog. http://www.sesamestreetbirthday.com 

Name: Susan | Date: Aug 23rd, 2008 7:20 PM
Woops. Let's see if I can make the link work. :-)
[a href="http://www.sesamestreetbirthday.com"]Sesame Street birthday[/a] 

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