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Ahoy Mateys!! Invite all yer swashbuckling pirate friends to sail the seven seas in celebration of yer birthday. They'd better be ready to swab the decks, for if there's any mutiny, they'll be walkin' the plank!

Getting Your Pirate Party Started!

Aaargh, there'll be pirates a plenty arrivin' to celebrate the fiercest pirate of 'em all! Every swashbuckler knows that there's yer real name and then there's yer pirate name! Call out the little swashbucklers and create nametags using the following pirate dictionaries!

Boy's names: www.mess.be/pirate-names-male.php
Girl's names: www.mess.be/pirate-names-female.php

Pirate Games

Walk the Plank
Find a nice level grassy area for this game. Use a 2x4 board to make the plank. You can raise the board up by placing bricks under each end. Just make sure that it isn't wobbly and that it is a safe distance off the ground. Ask the guests to line up along side the board and have them take a turn one at a time walkin' the plank! To make it a little harder for older children you can blindfold them! When they get to the end they all get a chocolate coin or a small prize. Repeat as many times as you wish.

Cannonballs Away!
Prior to the party buy a couple of packages of black balloons and fill them with chocolate coins. Attach them to a large sheet of plywood using a staple gun. The guests should line up in a row at a predesignated distance from the board. Keep all guests behind the thrower will help with the safely of this activity. Each guest should get three darts to throw. Have the children take turns tossing darts at the "cannonballs" and winning the loot. You can use a blindfold to increase the difficulty of the game!

Cannonballs Away! Waterballoon Version
For a version that is safer for your younger guests, consider creating a water balloon cannonball toss game. Pair the children up in two lines across from each other, and fill the black balloons with water. Have each pairing toss their balloon back and forth to each other. The last pair with their balloon unburst wins the game.

Party Food Ideas

Whether you are serving hot dogs and hamburgers, pizza or sandwiches, make small pirate flags using construction paper and toothpicks to plant on the top of the snacks! A big bowl of goldfish will be a surefire hit ... look for the jumbo variety for hungrier bellies.
Let their imaginations run wild when you serve up a chilled glass of crocodile blood (fruit punch) and listen for the shrieks!

Pirate Party Crafts

Paint the Pirate Flag
Have the children create a one of a kind pirate flag to sail high over your pirate celebration! Purchase a white piece of canvas, material or a white pillowcase. You can precut and finish the edges into a large rectangle or even leave them ragged for the wind whipped look! Print out pirate images and have the guests draw them on the flag. Be sure to ask them to sign their matey names and the birthday child can keep the flag as a souvenir. Personalize the craft by providing each child with a piece of material to create their own pirate flag to take home!

Toilet Paper Tube Pirate
Have an empty toilet paper roll for each guest and copies of the template printed out and ready to distribute.

Colour and cut out the template pieces. HINT: The large rectangle is the pirate's shirt and pants.

Glue the large rectangular piece on first to cover the tube.
Glue the boots to the bottom of the roll
Glue on the head and arms
Glue the curvy sword into one of the hands.

Toilet Paper Tube Pirate Template can be found at www.dltk-kids.com/crafts/pira

Favour specializes in candy-free premium quality loot bags! Our Swahbucklin' Pirate Loot Bags are filled with great quality toys that children will love playing with, long after that party is over!

Each Premium Pirate Loot Bag Includes:

Pirate Eye Patch
Skull & Crossbones Bandana
Box 'o Bones Skeleton Puzzle
Plastic Pirate Figure
Springy Parrot

Check out our Standard Pirate Loot Bag ... new to our standard loot bag collection!

Each Standard Pirate Loot Bag Includes:

Pirate Pencil
Pirate Notepad
3 Pirate Gold Coins
Pirate Skull Bandana
Parrot Springy Animal

Happy party planning from your In Favour Party Planning Team!

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Web: www.infavour.ca
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