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I've been breastfeeding for a month now and still see no light at the end of the tunnel. My breast still hurt more than ever, my nipples still traumatized by my little one. I've been trying to work on my latch. We both get so frustrated after some time of trying. He just won't open his mouth wide enough. I can't get his lips to flange out like a fish. Then he squirms and moves around with my nipple in his mouth and ouch! He tends to like the left breast better and I assume its because I can hold him better. When I try to feed on my right side, I can't seem to position him correctly, and then there is the dreaded latch. I've tried contacting Le leche with no response back, and the local health dept. They did't have anyone there to help. I am at my witts end with trying. I'm so tired of my breast feeling like they've been hit like a punching bag and the stinging in my nipples. I can't even brush my bath towel against me without the pain! I really wanted to breastfeed, and still do, but it does not seem to get any better.
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Name: LindsayK | Date: Oct 21st, 2008 5:48 PM
I'm sorry in you're in so much pain, but big kudos to you for sticking with it! That's awesome. Are you using any nipple cream? I love Lasinoh by Lanolin. I didn't use any with my first baby (I have a 2yr old daughter I nursed for 17 months and now am nursing my 7 week old son) but, I used it for the first few weeks with son and I think it helped. Also this time around I had more difficulty getting my son to latch for the first few weeks. He too, wouldn't open his mouth wide, I wish there was a miracle cure for this, but all you can do is keep working at it. With both my kids I had to use my finger to gently pull down their bottom lip when they were latched on so that it wasn't tucked in. Are you using a good nursing pillow to help with the holding of your baby? They really work wonders, IMO. You could also try different postions like laying down to feed or the foot ball hold. I don't know if any of this helps, but good luck and I wish you pain free nursing soon. It's such a wonderful experience when it doesn't hurt. I loved nursing my first even past her first year. It did however become painful when I became pregnant with my 2nd. Luckily four months into my pregnancy my daughter chose to self wean. 

Name: itsallgoodforme | Date: Oct 24th, 2008 2:50 AM
I get tears reading this as I so can relate. My 3rd son and I had a hard time... The hospital has a lactation specialist you can call or even go in to check and see if you both are doing it right. It sounds like you already know that if the baby is not latched on correctly it will injure you.
I remember sticking with it and at about 6 weeks felt more relief. I would cry every time he nursed and would put it off until I was so engorged because of the dread.
Pushing down on his chin and then shoving him quickly on helped for me. I felt silly with that drama but it worked.
The tonque has to be down too.
Good luck and bless your heart. Its tough for a while but will get better . I have fond memories of nursing all 3 for a year, despite the numerous breast infections etc. Its worth it. YOU CAN DO IT 

Name: mamal | Date: Oct 30th, 2008 11:59 AM





all of the wonderful information the girls have given here are a few websites with information on latching.

One final far fetched thought when you look at baby's tongue check the underneath thread of skin that attaches it to the base of the mouth and make sure it is not attached too close to the front of the tongue. This is called tongue tied when it is too close and prohibits baby from latching correctly. It is very easily fixed and more common then most realize. 

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