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I use the breast pads in my bra but at night I wake up soaked, so they obviously aren't enough. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to have to keep changing my shirt and or bra everytime I wake up at night..
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Name: mamal | Date: May 6th, 2007 12:55 AM
I wish I had a better answer but I would lay down a towel and enjoy a bra free / shirt free night and mark your territory so to speak. Usually the leaking will slow once you both get everything down, about 3 - 6 weeks. I used Lanisaoh (sp?) pads they did not have the cream on them just made by the same people. They were bigger around and not as bulky. I have large boobs and these actually covered the areola where the others didn't. Unfortunately it really didn't matter because when I rolled around in bed the pad would shift, a boob would flop out, etc. and well wet again. There for a few days I kept yelling at DH for not putting on the diaper right because there was no pee in the diaper just on the bed. I slept on a towel once I realized it wasn't the baby wetting the bed (we co-slept) but me. LOL! Well at least I got my side of the bed back for awhile. I am glad things are progressing along normally for you. Soon you will have plenty of funny stories to tell! 

Name: LindsayK | Date: May 10th, 2007 3:09 AM
I have this problem too. I sleep with a sports bra on with nursing pads in it, but they always shift. Plus, we co-sleep as well so half the time I fall asleep with my boob still out. However, now that it's been 7+ months of b/f I don't leak as much or as often. 

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