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Help! I feel like I'm going insane. I feel like a human feeding machine. All I am good for is feeding the baby. I have no life and I barely get any sleep because as soon as I get the baby to sleep, I have to pump (to keep a good milk supply) and then by the time I lay down, he's awake again wanting to be fed. And since I pumped, I don't have enough milk, so he tugs and pulls and bites at my nipples, so I end up having to feed him what I just pumped and then I'm back to zero again. So I never seem to have enough extra milk to leave the house for more than a few hours. I need to get out. I'm going stir crazy. I'm actually jealous that my husband gets to go to work and return to a somewhat normal life. And due to all the tugging and pulling, my nipples are always sore. I feel like a terrible selfish mother. I love my son so much, but I just don't know if I can keep this up. I need a break. My husband and his family are putting major pressure on me to continue breastfeeding, and I do want what's best for my son, but I feel worn out. Has anyone else felt this way? By the way, my son is 7 weeks old.
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Name: Bounty2009 | Date: Apr 30th, 2009 4:30 PM
Aww hun - sorry to hear about this. I think you need to talk to the people around you and explain how you feel. It's not healthy for you to be this run down, and your family love you and im sure will will support you. If you want any more advice check out http://my.bounty.com/forums/ as there are lots of mums talking about this sort of stuff there! Best of luck sweetie! xxx 

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