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Kyle has been a very fussy baby from day 1, he is becoming less fussy during the day as he gets bigger, but in the evenings he is still very fussy which I know is normal. He will usually cluster feed anywhere from 7pm on which is fine, but lately it seems like he will nurse really well and fall asleep and then wake up to nurse again and at that point he will latch on, nurse for a few seconds then pull off and start crying, he does this over and over and when I squeeze milk drips or sprays out so I know he's able to get the milk, I'm just not sure why he does this. Over the past couple days he has also started doing this around noon or so, he will nurse, pull off and cry like he does in the evenings. I'm not sure what's going on and what I can. I bought fengureek seed capsules today, but haven't taken them yet, I'm hoping to make a little more milk so I can pump and have bottles for when I am out of the house, I tried the mothers milk tea but find it very hard to drink. Any ideas on what I can do to help with his latching, pulling off and crying spells?
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Name: mamal | Date: Aug 26th, 2008 1:07 AM
Unfortunately I don't have much for you except sometimes they go through those stages. My guy would do that for a few days and then back to normal it would drive me nuts. Here are a few posibilites. He could be going through a growth spurt. He may need somewhere quiet and calming to nurse during those tough times. At around 4 months babies go through this often because they are realizing their suroundings and can't stay focused enough to eat. They will usually make this up at night or when there is less action. Have you eaten anything new? or something that may tick him off? My guy hated Mexican which is my fav. : ( Have you switched soap? or started washing your nipples (which you shouldn't do)? Are you putting on any perfume or lotion, something different? Any and all of these could be possibilities and of course it could be nothing and normal. A big PIA but normal. Make sure the wet diapers are coming and beyond that hang in there.
Fenugreek is good for increasing milk the only real side effect is you may smell like maple syrup. I also hated the mother's milk tea. I can't do licorice. Also know once you start adding pumping to your regimine your body will make more for that feeding so no real need for fenugreek if you don't want to.
Good Luck and let me know if he is getting better. They always seem to throw a wrench into the situation when you get everything down, don't they?! LOL! 

Name: 04nidak | Date: Aug 28th, 2008 1:51 PM
You are most definitely right when you said that once things are down they throw a wrench into things, lol. I had finally gained confindence in myself that he was getting enough from me and then he goes and does this, lol!!! :-)

He is still doing the same thing where he pulls off and cries usually in the evenings, but sometimes during the mid morning as well. When he pulls off I squeeze to make sure there's still something there and the milk just sprays out sometimes I will see 3 or 4 streams and it will go half way across the room at times. I will express into a burp rag and then he goes on without any more problems until a few minutes later when the same thing happens, usually after the second time he'll be fine. Last night I pumped for about 5 minutes before his "cluster feed session" and in that 5 minutes I pumped an ounce total from both sides but when he was nursing he didn't pull off even once. I find it strange that this is just happening now when he's almost 4 months because from what I've read it usually occurs when the baby is younger and the supply is still being established.

I started the fenugreek 2 days ago because I wasn't able to pump much before and wanted to be able to do that for when I go to the store or whatever, but I am going to stop taking it because I could feel myself getting fuller between feedings and if I'm already making plenty and he's having trouble nursing from an oversupply or whatever it may be I don't want to add to his troubles by increasing my supply.

Thank you for your support, it always helps knowing I'm not alone when these things come up as I'm still working on my breastfeeding confidence. :-) How old is your little guy? :-) 

Name: mamal | Date: Aug 30th, 2008 11:21 PM
LOL! The joys of breastfeeding. Definitely oversupply and, like you, that didn't cross my mind especially with you wanting to take fenugreek. Here is an article that will help. Hand express a bit of milk before his fussy feedings and see how that goes.
little guy is 3 1/2 and I am being told I can't call him my baby anymore. : ( He is too funny. He proudly tells people, I am mommy's baby! As cute as it is we are trying to get the potty training down and he uses that as an excuse for not doing it. Oh the joys of motherhood! He will always be mommy's baby even if I have to call him mommy's big boy. 

Name: 04nidak | Date: Sep 4th, 2008 12:12 AM
Your little guy sounds so adorable! :-) I love that he tells people he's "mommy's baby" that is so precious. I went though similar things when my oldest was potty training, but the trick to him was letting him stand up to use the potty instead of trying to get him to sit down, once he knew he could stand to pee like daddy he was all for it and the rest just fell into place, he was a little over 3 and a half when he was completely potty trained. Kadin is 4 and a half now and just started preschool....I still call him my baby and he know's he will be my baby even when he's an adult, lol. :-)

So I have yet another question for you...I hope you don't mind me asking so much. I took Kyle to the pediatrician today because he's developed a wet cough and was pulling at his ears, luckily his ears are fine and he just has a cold, but they weighed him and even though the doctor wasn't concerned I am...of course I worry to much! Anyways, he is 16 weeks as of yesterday and he weighed in at 12 pounds and 8 ounces. When he went for his 2 month check up he was 10 weeks and weighed 11 pounds and 10 ounces. I figured he would be around 14 pounds now and was very surprised when they told me how much he weighed. The doctor said he has dropped on the weight curve from 50th percentile to the 25th, but he has good color, looks healthy and is developing perfectly (he was smiling and cooing at the doctor). He said we would check him again at his 4 month check up, he will be close to 5 months when he goes back in for that check up, and we'll go from there. Should I be concerned? He has plenty of wet/dirty diapers and is happy, I can't get him on a feeding schedule because he varies from day to day if he will nurse every half hour or 3 so I just feed on demand. 

Name: mamal | Date: Sep 11th, 2008 12:52 AM
I am sorry I did not get back sooner. We had a death in the family and I was in charge of arrangements and housing/feeding everyone.

It sounds like baby is doing perfect and it is perfectly ok to be a worry wart. It shows how much you care. I am sure baby is starting to become more active, which leads to a dip in percentages. Also he may very well have just grown from that growth spurt (all that excess milk) and lengthened out. Another thing to remember is he was being supplemented with formula which tends to add a lot more bulk. Any way you look at it he sounds perfect. You both are doing GREAT!!! 

Name: sapslucymom | Date: Sep 17th, 2008 8:41 PM
Something else when he seems like he should be full and then you try and nurse because he is cranky does he POP on and off. Most of the times it can be caused by excess gas in the stomach and colon. Sometimes the nursing and crying only make it worse. Try laying him on his back and bringing his toes to his nose. THen grab his ankles and raise and rotate hips in a cirlce above him. This helps move some of the gas so it is easily expelled.
Dairy is alos a big proponent of stomach upset and gas. Anything high in fiber or acidic can upset them. 

Name: 04nidak | Date: Sep 21st, 2008 8:25 PM
I'm so sorry for the loss you had in your family, I hope you are doing okay.

I'm sorry it took me so long to write back, we had a bad wind storm last Sunday and lost power, it just came back on last night. Thank you for reassuring me on his weight gain, he has his checkup in a few weeks and I'm hoping he's grown. :-) 

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