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I am due to have twins in Nov and worried if I can manage breast feeding both of them. I breast fed my older daughters and had no time to do anything. I worry if i breast feed them that my house and other children (2 mine and 2 bf) will not get enough attention. any suggestions
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Name: Melissa | Date: Jul 28th, 2006 9:42 PM
there are some websites about how to bf twins if you google it. i have also talked to people who have done this successfully. if you feed them at the same time then it would be like feeding one. 

Name: SaraSum | Date: Sep 19th, 2006 5:55 PM
I have 4 1/2 twin girls and I nursed them for 2 years. You will definitely be able to do it. It's not as tricky as you think it might be. There were times when they would eat separately and other times when I would lay down on the bed with one on each side and let them nurse. I wouldn't say that it took up too much time. I just had to kind of manage my time a bit differently which I am sure you will have to do as well. You can possibly set aside some special time to spend with your older children or try to get more things done at odd times when maybe the twins are sleeping. It's going to be crazy...but a good crazy. One thing for sure is really really make sure to make time for your better half as well. It was a challenge for my husband and I after the girls were born and I didn't even realize how much absorbed I was in the girls...and kind of missed out on time with him. 

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