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I'm not sure if you are on the other forums or not, but although I refuse to post on the Adoption Board, I sometimes read through some of the posts if I'm bored. I saw your reply to one of the posts, where you offered support to a young pregnant mother after all the adopters scrambled over each other trying to claim her unborn baby. I also see you are an adoptee from the UK. I was also adopted at birth; I live in Northern Ireland. As a result I firmly believe that mothers should be encouraged to keep their babies, and so I LOVED your response, and LOVE the website. It made me smile, as although I realise that in SOME cases, adoption may be best for mother and baby, there are thousands of cases, where the only people it benefits are the adopters, and baby-brokers, and I'm sick of reading of the hypocrisy on this site and others of people looking to adopt making it out to be some charity work they are doing, rather than the extremely selfish act it is. After all, they are taking a baby from his/her mother, and denying him or her the right to know who he or she really is, where she comes from, even basic medical history. I had an awful experience, and even though I was adopted, I ended up in foster care anyway. Theres no a day goes by that I don't wish my biological mother didn't find it in her heart to love me and keep me. Anyway, I just wanted to applaud you, without having to access that site, which does little but make my stomach churn.

Any young mothers who are being tortured by adopters on that board PLEASE check out http://www.keepyourbaby.com
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