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Name: Renia
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Im new at the forum hoping to get some help urgent...
My baby is 4 weeks old and sleeps well during the day but wakes every 1/2 hr in the nights.
She seems to have alot of gas..and also struggles to poop only does so once per day.
It's worring. I gave her gripe water which didn't work and am now trying Ovol. Just started last night. Not sure how long it takes to work.

Please any suggestions
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Name: Bounty2009 | Date: May 19th, 2009 4:22 PM
It sounds like she might be constipated, breast feeding certainly helps with this. Failing that, if the problem consists, you should really seek medical advice, take her to your doctor and check there is nothing more serious wrong with her. Perhaps he/she will be able to advise other ways to help alleviiate the symptoms. You could try asking over at http://my.bounty.com/ as well to see if there are any tried and tested constipation relief tips. But don't suffer hun! Go see your doctor. Hope it's all better soon Renia xxxx 

Name: WayneRoscoe | Date: Jun 20th, 2009 3:55 AM
You're right, I was hesitant about breast feeding at first, because all my friends told me it wasnt normal. I, of course, didnt believe them, and went through with it, and I couldn't be happier. Who cares what the entire high school and the football team thinks of my Jimmy? After Jimmy learned how to drive, I finally weened him off my breast milk. He has never been constipated. 

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