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I have a 18 day old little girl who is being breastfed and I supplement w/ formula. It's like every time she has a bottle, which is like 3 per 2oz. per day, she wants the breast aftewards. I'm just wondering how much breast she should want. I produce an adequate amount of milk, so I know that's not the problem. It just seems like she always wants to be on my breast. She went from 6.2 lbs. to 7 in just 9 days and my dr. says that she's gaining weight too quickly. I don't feed her formula when she cries, instead I offer her breastmilk. Any advice? Should such a young baby want to eat so much?
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Name: rachtwins | Date: Jan 2nd, 2007 4:51 AM
Sometimes mums can mistake a baby being hungry when there actually tired. It might be that your baby is tired, have you tried wrapping her really tight giving her a dummy a pat on the bot and getting her to sleep. When a baby is tired they will often want to comfort feed and this may be what shes doing sometimes feeding when there tired can make them even worse.

Watch to see if she has jerky movements or starts to grizzle these are a couple of tired signs.

If you have adequate milk supply then there should be no need for you to supplement feeds with formula. Remember the golden rule of "demand equalls supply" and if your baby is putting on ample weight you shouldn't have to bottle feed.

You may also find that with a rapid weight gain like that your baby may get very colicky. With so much milk a little baby's tummy gets very wound up and can cause a lot of intestinal pain and crying.

I hope I have helped, i know a mother always worries if there baby is getting enough milk but regular check ups with your health nurse should also ease your mind. 

Name: Melissa | Date: Jan 2nd, 2007 6:21 AM
why are you supplementing? if you have enough milk then what is the need for the formula. this might be why she is fussy. breastmilk is easily digested and formula is harder on the stomach espcially if babe is used to breastmilk. your babe is still a newborn and will want to nurse VERY often!! this is how nature ensures a good milk supply. like rachtwins said it is a supply and demand type of thing. it is impossible to over feed a breastfed baby. the reason why your babe might be gaining too much is because you are doing both. when babes nurse they aren't always eating the whole time. but when they drink from a bottle everytime they swallow they get more milk in their mouth. this doesn't happen with the breast so they can just comfort suck if they want in between eating. hope this makes some sense, my son is trying to "help" me type. anyways good luck and if you need more help don't be afriad to ask!! 

Name: bmes | Date: Jan 2nd, 2007 7:48 AM
for years, the weight chart for a baby was based on a formula fed baby, and about almost a year ago they changed it to being based on a breastfed baby. When babies are fed formula, they gain weight more quickly, breastfed babies tend to be lighter. So maybe your baby is the typical weight of a formula fed baby!! who knows.....But if you have enough breastmilk why don't you just do that? There's no reason for formula, if they're getting enough breastmilk. it sounds like if she is gaining too much weight, maybe the breastmilk is all the baby needs, and you're just over feeding her with formula. ???? it would save you lots of money too!! :-) 

Name: Deb Mackellin | Date: Jan 4th, 2007 6:36 AM
I think you are dong the right thing by offering your breast first. I would be very clear on which feeds you are going to supplement with formula, for example the overnight feed, so your partner can help. Personally I would not be offering both formula and breast at the one feed. Maybe a dummy could be used to help settle your little one in between feeds. When you have finished on one breast, always offer the other breast if you feel your daughter is still hungry. My problem was trying to remember which breast to feed on next, I came up with the Bra Brooch. Maybe it can help you also www.brabrooch.com All the very best Kristy, Deb. 

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