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So I've posted before in the due date crowd that with my first born I attempted breastfeeding and after he had a big weight loss it was realized that I did not produce enough milk, couldn't even pump more than 1/2 oz per day. I had absolutely no leaking during my first pregnancy. I am due in May with my second baby and I have started having a little bit of breast leakage (so far only in one breast). I would truly like to breastfeed this baby, but I'm scared that I won't produce enough again. Is the fact that I'm leaking a little bit now a good sign that I might produce milk this time around?
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Name: mamal | Date: Mar 3rd, 2008 8:56 PM
Leaking is usually not used as an indicator BUT leaking is definitely a plus in your case. I just said this to another mom on here, each breastfeeding expierence is as unique as the child being born. A lot of moms who had trouble with the first usually say the second is a breeze. Many moms are often given bad information the first go around as well leading them to think there is a problem when in fact there is not.
If you do fear a low supply after baby is here. Go to a lactation consulatant, breastfeeding center, LLL, your doctor's office and weigh baby then feed baby and weigh baby again. This will give you the exact amount baby is receiving. Do your best not to supplement (before checking officially) because this messes with your supply. Make sure baby is to breast EVERYTIME baby is fed. Also know that pumping is not an indicator as to how much you are producing so don't stress over the amount. There are also different herbs and medicines available to up your supply and don't forget your oatmeal, another natural booster. You are going to do great! Just walk in there and know that you can do it! 

Name: 04nidak | Date: Mar 3rd, 2008 9:16 PM
Thank you so much for the info. I know I've asked a lot of questions since the beginning of this pregnancy, but I'm just so nervous and scared about "starving" my baby again and it makes me almost scared to try breastfeeding, but it's something I really want to do. I got excited when I started leaking (I'm now leaking from both sides) and am hoping things go better. I know a little more about what to look for after the baby is born to make sure things are going like they should, more so than with my first. At the army hospital I had my first son at, every nurse told me something different and even the lactation consultant wasn't much help, but I'm now at a civilian OB and will be at a civilian hospital and my OB said there are some great lactation consultants at the hospital so hopefully things will go good this time around. Thank you again for the info, you are wonderful! :-) 

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