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Can anyone help. I recently have had to return to work. I have begun pumping on a regular basis, so my daughter can have breast milk. The pump is making my nipples so sore during the day, that when i go home to nurse her i am in so much pain. Does anyone have any tips for helping sore nipples?
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Name: bmes | Date: Jan 16th, 2007 5:33 PM
I heard that if it's hurting to pump then you're not using the pump properly. Just like when you first started breasfeeding. Bring out the nipple creams again. Lansinoh or whatever you like. My nipples were so bad when I first started breastfeeding Anika I was ready to give up, but the doctor prescribed this cream that worked absolute wonders. It's called Jack's Nipple Cream. It does have a steroid in it, but so little it won't affect your baby when she feeds. The doc said if i was worried about it still just to wipe it off before feeding her and then put it back on aggin when done!!!! that stuff was awesome!!! anyways, hope this helps.

Maybe you just have the pump on too high of a setting for sucking power!! try lowering it a bit! ! 

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