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i just had my little boy wednesday && hes doing great w/ breastfeeding so far.. but this morning i noticed little bumps on his face.. about 3 of them.. they almost look like little pimples w/ a white head.. and theres a little redness around them.. we have his first appt tomorrow but iw as just wondering if anyones baby had these.. my mom said they were prob milk bumps?
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Name: Randi | Date: Apr 15th, 2007 6:34 PM
It sounds like baby acne...my son never had it, but a lot of the babies in our baby group did.
Here is a link

Name: atomicsnowflake | Date: Apr 15th, 2007 7:44 PM
These are called milia and they're harmless. They'll go away soon. 

Name: atomicsnowflake | Date: Apr 15th, 2007 7:46 PM
My newborn has tiny white bumps on her nose and cheeks. What are they?
They're called milia. They're harmless and they're very common about 40 percent of newborn babies get them, most often on the upper cheeks, nose, or chin. Some babies have just a few, and others have many of them.

It can be upsetting to see your beautiful infant's skin covered in these little bumps, but they aren't painful or contagious. And they'll go away without any treatment in two or three weeks.

You may spot similar bumps on your baby's gums or on the roof of her mouth. These are called Epstein's pearls, and they're also harmless.

What causes milia?
Milia occur when dead skin becomes trapped in tiny pockets near the surface of your baby's skin. When the surface of the bump wears away, the dead skin is sloughed off and the bump disappears.

What can I do to help clear them up?
You don't need to do anything at all. The bumps will go away on their own, without treatment, in a few weeks, although it's possible for them to last a month or two. 

Name: Emma2 | Date: Apr 16th, 2007 12:58 AM
yep. totally normal 

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