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Hello everyone! this is my first son at the age of 14 months now and the past month he has been haveing golfball size poop. the lastest he turned so red he looked like a chilli pepper... but he pushed it out and had a spot of blood.we have tried prune juice,apple juice, and the good ol' suppository. but neither seems to work. I hate to go to ER for something that is somewhat normal. Iv'e read some things about boiling water and little bit of brown suger and couple hours theres POOP. i dont know. well this is the thrird night and he seems really happy,playful etc.
thank you for taking your time...
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Name: mamal | Date: Jan 4th, 2009 5:21 PM
Have you tried belly massages & a warm bath? Is he eating a lot of cereal or anything infused with Iron? Is he staying hydrated, drinking lots of breastmilk & water? What about feeding him prunes? Gerber has some they are stage one or any pitted fruit, apricots work well too. I hope some of this helps. 

Name: christinaw | Date: Jan 10th, 2009 2:14 AM
I would at least call your doctor or ask a nurse if you have one there just to be sure. Warm prune juice sometimes help. If you recently have added something to his diet that could be it. Remember it takes a little longer to get through there system. I agree a message and a warm bath helps. A baby message is small V's on the chest and tummy or spell out the word love softly it can help move things through his system. I hope that helps mom of 3. 

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