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okay my doctor says that I'm overfeeding my baby because she's 5 weeks old and weighes 12 1/2 pounds. But she weighed 9 lbs 4 1/4 ounces when she was born! I only feed her when she's hungry! I guess it's a possiblity that she might comfort eat sometimes but still??? And then I took her in because she was having crying fits when she ate, her doctor said because I have "too much" milk and that I'm choking her and I need to pump before I feed her. Well I do have alot of milk but I can tell when she's choking! I think it's gas because she pulls her legs up and will grunt sometimes too. I'm going to switch her doctor. Oh yes and she said I need to wait at least 2 hours inbetween feedings because the milk is still sitting in the belly whether she poops alot in that time or not, but I know I've read about "cluster feeding" and that's what my baby will do sometimes before she takes a long nap.
the doctor also said that we should be keeping our air conditioner at 74 degrees! To me that would be cold. And I know my baby would be cold. If she ever feels hot then I turn the air down cooler but....We live in California where it's been 100 plus outside and we keep our apartment at 77 degrees usually give or take. That's what feels comfortable, I thought that's what we're suppose to do, is what feels comfortable?
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Name: Melissa | Date: Aug 2nd, 2006 8:39 PM
sounds like your doc doesn't know much about breastfeeding. it is impossible to over feed a breastfed baby!!! they eat when they are hungry. breastmilk digests easier tihan formula so they can eat closer together than fomula fed babies. she might be right about the pumping a little before a feeding. you should go to this website. www.breastfeeding.com
they have great forums and the women there are pros!!! there are even a few nurses and LC that chat on there. 

Name: firewife | Date: Aug 2nd, 2006 8:54 PM
The average weight gain is an ounce a day your baby has gained apprx. 52oz and is 35 days old, so I do see your doctors point but I don't think you can overfeed your baby, I believe when shes hungry, feed her! It is over 100 here in NC too and my thermostat is at 78, its where I feel comfortable, 74 would be cold to me too, I would find a new doctor or simply let it go in one ear and out the other. 

Name: Farah | Date: Aug 3rd, 2006 3:51 PM
Thanx and I am going to find a new doctor anyways because there has been much more she's said that I don't agree with and she's rude too! And I never even protested, I kept my disagreements to myself.
I going to check out that forum too! 

Name: Melissa | Date: Aug 3rd, 2006 4:57 PM
good for you. no one will stand up for you and your baby except you. so that is one thing you shouldn't be afriad to speak up about. but this is coming from me, i've never been outspoken. 

Name: Farah | Date: Aug 6th, 2006 1:17 AM
I checked out
and it was actually very helpful! There was so many useful questions and answers! It saved you guys alot of time so I won't be asking as many now, lol! Thanks again! 

Name: kaitlynn1835 | Date: Aug 13th, 2006 6:00 AM
Guess what? My three month old is creeping off the charts for weight. He was 8lb 8oz at birth, was 13 pounds at 4 weeks, and 20 pounds at three months (now). My doctor suggested I give him bottled water?!?! and that i needed to start weaning?!?!?! because he might become overweight?!?!? Thankfully, she is not my son's pediatrician, or I would definitely switch. Doctors don't tend to take in account family history. I was the exact same way as my son, and as soon as I started crawling after 4 months, I lost quite a few pounds, and slimmed down pretty quickly. My mom's nephew (my cousin) was even bigger than I was, 25 pounds at 3 months with huge rolls around his biceps almost as large as his thighs! But when he began crawling he slimmed down a huge amount. My baby, me, and my cousin were all exclusively breastfed. I have heard that breastfed babies tend to be fatter, since the breast milk is completely digested, they save the fat, rather than with formula, losing some of the fat in their poop, since formula is much harder for babies to digest. 

Name: Pattyjb | Date: Aug 20th, 2006 4:33 AM
Follow your guts with baby, I am no doctor but am an experienced mom. My daughter was colicky, it was awful, and pure breastfed for the first six months. She had horrible gas, and it turns out she was lactose intolerant. DO NOT consume milk products in case this is causing the problem.
Seems to me pumping would just increase your milk production. I am glad you are switching doctors, sounds like a good move. Yes, you need to wait 90 minutes minumum between feedings. Otherwise, she will not nurse hard enough to stimulate proper milk production.
It does sound like gas, sounds exactly like what my now 28 year old daughter did. 

Name: Sarah M | Date: Aug 23rd, 2006 3:19 AM
Yea I would switch. it seems you feed her when she is hungry cause if she doesnt spit it all up obviously she isnt to full right? I dont see how docs use those charts anyhow. Every baby grows differently and so those charts they use to determine the right weight does not make sence. if i listened to my daughters first doc about her weight, size of head, and height I would think there was so many things wrong with my daughter. They told me she was to skinny even though she ate more than what they said she should and they said her head was too small but when you see her its looks perfectly fine in comparison with her body. I finally found one that is ok with her body and she knows what she eats and her history and says she just may be tall and skinny. I wouldnt worry your her mother you know if she is full or not. 

Name: kaitlynn1835 | Date: Sep 3rd, 2006 4:45 AM
You can't overfeed a breastfed only baby. They digest the milk so well, that they store everything, including the fat, instead of pooping it out, as do formula fed babies. Get a new doctor, would be my recommendation, and one that works with breastfeeding mothers a lot. 

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