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I have been married for the past 3 yrs to a great husband ,everything was wonderful then his adult daughter came to live with us,and wow what a difference in a man its like i do not even know him he has changed so much .Here is what is going on his daughter sits on his lap daily kisses him on the lips rubs his back sticks her tounge in his mouth grabs his ass sits between his legs with her head in his crotch demanding to have her back rubbed gets in my bed he sleeps naked to watch tv yuck...I have 4 grown kids I have never done any of this with them i feel its far to inapprorite to do also she calls him my love when she kisses him .she also demands our truck daily and she is not even insured on it you must be over 25 on my insurance i pay the payment and insurance and she takes it daily because if she cant she says she will leave please go back to your mother and mistreat her.she will say daddy i love you i need the truck then stand behinde him and stick her tounge out at me!!!my husband says stay out of it its my daughter he needs the truck for work but gives in daily so she can joy ride with her friends ,i am sick of paying for the truck and having to drive my husband around ....she calls her mother for money and says you better send me some or i wont talk to you she is nothing more then a spoiled brat who needs to grow up......help how can i get rid of her before she destroys my marriage.....
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