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i have a little girl that has just turned 4 and her mother and i are divorced for 2 years now and have joint custody. i am a concerned father or maybe i am just over protective and thats why i am asking for advice. my problem is that my exwife returned my daughter from her weekly visit wearing silk sparkly underware. when i saw them i was in shock. i do not think that it is right for my daughter to wear something like that. tinkerbell, dora, or even winnie the pooh is what i believe a child that age should wear. the ex had her first child at 14 im just scared she is trying to make her "grow up" too quick but let me know what you think and what you would do....?
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Name: Fed Up Mom | Date: Feb 26th, 2011 9:23 PM
Dont be silly. Sparkles are just fun. You are the one making a big deal about something very demure and innocent. That's dangerous in itself. This has more to do about you, than her. iI have a four year old daughter too, and she loves anything with sparkles, even underwear. That's what a little girl does.
Concentrate on loving your daughter and not transferring your thoughts on to her about things that would hurt her self-worth. What's inside is much more important than whats outside. We live in a nation of eating disorders and women who try dieting at a mere 8 years of age. Don't let your foolish thoughts contribute to that.
Check out this helpful website, too, wwww.cinderellaatemydaughter it's been on National Public Radio. 

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