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My daughter from ex-husband has a new sibling. My daughter is 5 years old, her father and I seperated when she was about a year and a half. He was cheating on me with some girl 10 years his junior at work. They have since had an extremely rocky relationship, you know the kind on again off again. For the past 4 years well actually since before I knew about them, haha.
Anyhow the mistress recently gave birth to another girl, literally 5 years to the day of my daughters birthday on July 1st - bad coincidence if I say so myself. Anyhow the ex-hubby and the mistress have broken it off several times since the new baby was born, he was cheating on her go figure. He tried to cheat on her with me but I said no way been there done that he won't turn me into the mistress.
All that being said my daughter is now showing some signs of distress, after spending time with him and the mistress and the baby or just the baby she has more frequent accidents, her mood is snottier so to speak. After I have her back for a couple days things get back in check. But I'm just hoping I can help her try to explain things to help her cope with all this inconsistency on his end. I know normal family situations have issues with new older siblings adjusting to a new baby and divided attention, but since I'm not the one who is constantly around when the rivalry is occuring I'm at a loss as to helping her deal with it.
Can anybody who's been in a normal family dynamic or a mixed one please lend some helpful wisdom?
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