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my husband left me 4 months ago and move to another state leaving me 2000 miles apart from him . I have tried

everything possible i am very sad and hurt suddenly he started to hated me it seems one sec he love me the next he

hate me when ever we connect he gets really angry for no reason and in a big rush and can’t breath around me and as

soon as were apart he is fine he says i am very hot and it makes him uncomfortable to hold me all i know is i sleep

sleep sleep when were together cant seem to wake up when he is away i am awake something is wrong.But just some few

weeks ago, someone introduce me to this spell caster on [email protected] and the spell caster did a reunify

spell for me, just as i am writing now, if my husband don't see me in a second he would rather do everything to meet

me. I really want to thank the spell caster for his great works spell. i owe him.you can met with him on

[email protected] .
Divorce doesn’t just affect you and your spouse, it affects all those around you, including your children. When you

are having issues in your relationship and thinking about filing for divorce, it can be an extremely confusing time

for children. Seeing instability in what was always known as a safe, stable environment for children can be very

frightening. While it is very important for you and your spouse to do everything in your power to work through the

issues you are having, remember to keep an open dialog with your children as well as to reassure them that they did

nothing wrong and, no matter what, that they will be safe and loved. Children are much more perceptive than we give

them credit for, and can easily pick up on any tension you and your spouse may be having in the home. While during

this time it is critical to open the lines of communication between you and your spouse, it is even more essential to

do so between you and your children. If you decide to seek outside help, ask your children if they would like to talk

to someone to help them through the tough time.
Stability is a very large part of a healthy child’s life, and when you are having issues in the home, this can be the

biggest thing that is interrupted. You may be tempted not to come home or to leave the house after an argument, but in

a child’s eyes this could be considered abandonment and not a part of the norm. When the status quo is shaken up in a

child’s life, it could lead to behavioural issues and problems in school. Even if you and your spouse are having

issues, retaining the “normal” lifestyle that you are used to as a family will go a long way to keeping your children

feeling safe and stable.
If you feel that divorce is your only option, please reconsider getting some true help to do everything you can to

open the lines of communication and get back on the right track with your marriage. If you don’t want to do it for

yourself, at least do it for your children. The normalcy and stability it will bring to their lives is worth it.
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