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My husband just won custody of his daughter, we were fighting for 2 years. Well really 8 but just went back to modify it 2 years ago. anyway, the mom whom has 3 kids 3 different dads, and one other dad won his son. other child still lives with her, but so dose the dad for now. move 8 times let any one off the streets sleep at her place for money, and her boy friend beat her up so bad that charges were pressed. When she found out that because of this she lost her child to my husband she quite her job, now shes taken us to court cause she didnt get her Wen. nights and wants to tell the judge that since she no longer has a job she cant afford Child support, shes 2 months behind, and need to know if a judge can order that since she dont have a job dosn't have to pay. I thought that event if you dont have a job you would still have to pay. Thats why theres so many dead beat dads, but is it the other way for moms?
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