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I have never been divorced, but I thought the purpose of a final divorce decree was to split assets and debts, so each person is aware of their rights and responsibilities.
My husband divorced in 2004-we married in 2006. After husband divorced he continued to file joint taxes with his ex-for four years, two of them he was married to me. He also, until 4months ago kept her on auto insurance listed as current spouse. He has her on his health coverage still, eventhough she was to be removed when their divorce became final-rules of employer. I have been uncovered, but because they have child he would rather take care of her. He co-signed a loan for her two years ago without telling me-she defaulted on loan-car repoed. and bill collectors calling is how I found out.
I feel disrespected. Are my feelings understandable?
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Name: SGC | Date: Jul 15th, 2009 4:13 PM
Your feelings are MORE than warranted. You need to tell him to cut the damn cord. That would drive me mental. His responsibilities are to his child/children not to tend to their mothers every need. Why did he bother getting married to you if he is going to continue to be binded to her? I feel for you!!! 

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