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Name: Liam
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I donít know where to start on this.

I am divorced and so with my wife now. I had a challenging relationship with my ex when I was not yet married with my second wife. My ex used to avoid me and even became nasty and impossible to deal with. But she suddenly became friendlier and a lot nicer to me when she learned that I was getting married. I kind of enjoy the change because I thought it would be best for our daughter. I did not put any boundaries between us. She can come to my house anytime. I fixed her car; I go with her in just one car for our daughterís activity. She calls me anytime for anything. I do a lot of things for her that sometimes, even to the expense of my time with my wife.

This made my wife uncomfortable and left out. I always assured her that Iím not interested with my ex romantically anymore. She says action speaks louder than words. She has a civil relationship with her ex. They talk but only about their childrenís concern. Lately, I noticed that she was constantly talking with her ex. When I confronted her about it, she said, she now realized that itís better to be friends with an ex because they have a common goal for their children.

Her car was broken once and she opted to call her ex other than me. I was very hurt about that. But she just said that sheís not interested with his ex romantically. That I should know since weíre on the same boat. The ex husband came and picked her up (that was the first time since weíre married) for their sonís school activity and it was driving me crazy. I lessened my communication with my ex hoping my wife will do the same but looks like sheís enjoying her ex company now.

What should I do? Iím going nuts soon!
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Name: Liam | Date: Apr 1st, 2009 12:28 AM
Still no one replied but I know I'm an idiot. 

Name: gracielira | Date: Apr 1st, 2009 1:18 AM
ouch....well my bf and i are soon getting married we are both divorced i don't have children but he does we made it a known when we started dating that when we talked to our ex's it would be either about the divorce (back then) or him about his daughter and nothing else...lately she has been super nice but i told him it does bother me when she starts talking about nipple pircing or what not you now need to make it known sit down and talk with your wife and get everything out on the table...because in the long run it might just end up affecting your marriage and tell your ex that's exactly what you need to start acting like ex's two cars let her go to the mechanic take your wife to the activies if possible include her because trust me she might only be doing it more and more to see when you'll finally speak up so my friend speak up!! lol 

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