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Not sure where to start, but have been monitoring a situation, regarding my ex wifes boyfriend

I have 2 daughters that live with my ex wife and my son lives with me and my wife, my other 2 children come and see my once a week, when I have them they occasionally tell me that theres mums boyfriend hits them, pulls there hair for silly little things, my youngest aged 4 had her hair pulled by him because she wasnt able to get ham out of the fridge!!

Tonight I was told some disturbing news that last night he got hold ofmy eldest daughter who is 9, pulled her up the stairs by her hair, pinned her down spat in her face and then hit her!! I have told there mum this to which she replied she did not know anything went on and he would never do that etc etc, and is no saying that my daughter is probably lying as her boyfriend is not like that

There have been a couple of times when I have heard that he has smacked them and my son who goes down to see his mum has said that the boyfriend is always smacking my eldest

I had to phone Social Services at the very beginning of there relationship as he poured shampoo down my eldest daughters mouth, they went around and advised him not to do it again and that was it

They told me that he does have authority to hit them as he is bringing them up, however he is to judge when it is appropriate

I obviously cannot take matters into my own hands no matter how tempting it is as I would be locked up

But I jsut dont know what to do, I have told there mum to sort it and now she is coming out with all sorts of excuses

What do I do? Social services have been useless

My daughter got told to lie last time because there mum told them she would get taken away

Such a horrible situation and whilst he isnt hitting tham all the time last nights antics are in my opinion way over the line, same for my little girls incident

What would you do being in my shoes

Please advice would be so helpful and greatful

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Name: chris | Date: Jul 9th, 2012 2:43 AM
Hello friend.
No one has the authority to hit children, not any more, not like our day.
He must be big and a real nutter for you not to have disciplined him for abusing your daughter. If he was doing what you say here, I would be doing time now. It's that simple. If he is too much for you employ a biker, they may even do it for free.

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