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My husband has 2 kids with his ex w.We have them every Fri. and Sat alt holidays... ex wife M is a piece of work... to say the least.I am always nice to her especally in front of the kids. When I know she worked or was ill on a time we drop of the kids I always say be nice to Mom or try and help her out tonight M is tired or what ever the case.
Any Way... she wanted pictures of her kids at My husbands and my wedding. The photographer was told to take some shots of JUST the kids... well he never did so the only phots I have is of the kids with us. I was trying to figure out how to maybe crop some to figure out how to give her a few . But then... My husband told her the photographer did not take any sorry. She said if she does not get them she will make things harder for us. Like not letting us have a weekend with out the kids.
3 or 4 times a year we ask for a weekend off . So she is saying she does not have to do that anymore but she forgets that we take them on Sundays when she needs us to and during the week and so forth.
I can not stand being manipulated in to giving her pictures of our most private time together as we became a family. I worked so hard on making everthing for the wedding and set up everthing.
I would have given the photos to her the (Of just the kids) but it did not happen.
That day was just about us! Not her. If we let her get away with this she will always get what she wants regardless.Now I really do not want her to have them!
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