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Hello, I'm currently engaged and my fiancés ex-wife is very stubborn and I feel like she is making real poor choices that are affecting her 8 year old daughters life and future, my step daughter to be is a good child, but certain thing get to me, it's better now that she realizes she at her dads house and it's different that she needs to have manners and take care of her things, a year ago when I moved in with them she was 7, my fiancé had to help her take bathes, clean up her toys after her and get her food and drinks at her command, which I think is wrong, he agreed and we have been working on it, she acts like we are excepting way too much from her just to simply clean up something because her mom doesn't make her. My fiancé said when they were married she didn't clean or do laundry, she would just keep clothes i n piles on the floor even thou she was a stay at home mom. She also only makes microwaveable meals for her or eat fast food, and she doesn't eat certain things if she doesn't want to. Since they got a divorce his ex wife has had another child with another man, about 2 months ago they got into a big fight and split up, and the ex wife told us that when she was out at the bar he got her into her car and took her home, raped her putting a knife to her throat and beat the shit out of her after, she filed it will the police and sent him to jail, since then he called the police on them several times saying she doesn't take care of her children, my step daughter now freaks out every time she sees cops, we told her they are good. Now the ex wife and her abusive bf are back together and are saved because they are going to church now, and just got married last weekend and did not even include her daughter in the wedding because it wasn't her weekend. My fiancé asked her for custody several times saying he won't charge her for child support but she Denies it or say she will think about, neither her or her new husband work, so the $300 a month they get now helps pays their bills, they have her going to one of the worst schools in the state when my fiancé lives next to one of the best, and their house is rat infested and has holes in several windows which they don't fix, also the grass is over grown so my stepdaughter isn't allowed to play outside at her moms house, it's sad she hates going home and she gets bullied in school. There's no point dealing with a stubborn parent that is more worried about getting her hair done and having a good time then spending time with her children, should we try taking them back to court or wait until her husband flips again and something happens? Thanks
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