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I split up from my partner 3 years ago and have a boy and a girl who stayed with there mother, they are now 15 and 9.She has found someone new and is looking at moving away to were he lives and will not be seeing them as much as I do and am worried that I may loose touch with them.I am very close to my son and he always puts othere peoples feelings first and is worried about me and my feelings.This is hurting knowing that I cannot just be there for for them both ,but I know that my ex is happy with here new partner and I wish her well.It hurts inside knowing how much i will miss my children but also this may be for the best s were they will be moving to they will have a better chance in life.
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Name: seperated mom | Date: Jan 17th, 2006 2:23 AM
you need to discuss your feelings in a civil way with your ex. Let her know how much you love your children, and how much it hurts you to have less contact with them. See if there is a possibility that she could live closer to you in the near future, or if the kids could possibly stay where they are and live with you so they can continue to go to their current schools. There are different ways to work out custody where both parents can be as involved as possible in the kids lives. My husband and I have been seperated for 5 months now, and we meet halfway everyother friday to exchange the kids. It's 250 mi to go halfway, so it's quite a drive, but I know the kids need their time with their dad. Don't wait until you get angry to talk to your ex. Do it now, while you are still able to talk things over in a civil manner. GOOD LUCK! 

Name: just a thought | Date: Jan 24th, 2006 9:44 PM
Or consider looking for employment in or around the city she is looking to move to....I know that is a big commitment, but if not for your kids then who? maybe move within like 45 ins or and hour of where she is looking to move....wait unitl she either moves or finalizes her choices....and talk it over with her, I couldn't imagine only seeing my kids on holidays and summer vacation, and missing out on school plays, and sporting events...just a thoughht. 

Name: Terri | Date: Jan 25th, 2006 10:57 PM
Your son really needs you at this age,you seem like a really nice guy no wonder your son is the way he is, very considerate. I would talk to the ex wife and if you have nothing keeping you where you are, I would think about moving too! 

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