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Me and my son's father share joint custody and he is not required to pay child support (it was going to be $22 a month but I chose not to receive it, per counsel). However, we have mandated a court class that my child must attend (for $60) as well as my son has field trips in school and medical expenses. At this point the father owes me $35 and has for 3 months now and he refuses to pay. He knew about the payments up front, he sent the permission slip and request for money for field trip to me so I would pay. I have always paid for everything and never asked him to help but since the custody case has come up and he did such things as called cps, welfare fraud, the police and many other lies he perpetrated against me I no longer want to be accommodating to him and I would like for him to pay for half of sonís responsibilities is there anything that I can do?
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Name: Lory | Date: Dec 23rd, 2010 2:10 PM
Back to court you go! 

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