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I am deeply in love with my husband, we have 2 beautifull babies and been together for 7 years but I fail to understand him. Sometimes he is very sweet and makes me feel like he adores me and sometimes I feel like he wants me as far from him as possible. He cheated on me once and I did everything I could to fix that, I prayed, I asked people to talk to him, I just couldnt see my marriage ending due to a another person.. Right now he is away with the military and has still around 8 months to be away, Today after a small chat out of the blue he told me he is going to pray for me to find a good person! I dont know what that meant? where did it come from? I dont know why he said that only few days after he told me how thankful he is for me and our kids. I honestly want him to stay with me and I would love for him to know how hurt I am by his words. I would beg him to stay if I have to but then again I dont want to do this all over again, I sent him a message telling him I was done with all the pain...but was that right? Should I just move on, I feel like he doesnt wanna ask me for divorce because he knows I love him. Should I ask him for the divorce? I will if thats good for him, I will do anything for him but is that what he wants? How can I read his actions? Help me please, I am desperate!
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