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Long story short, I have primary custody of my son. A couple of times with in the past two years I have had to let my son stay with his father full time because of some mental issues I had, and dealing with depression. This was only temporary and my ex and I have always had a great understanding when it comes to my son. Well im back on track now, and my ex has not been doing what is right for our child. He works at a bar and cant not get our son to school on time, sometimes doesnt even take him to school because, and my son spends the night at someone elses house once a week because my ex works till 5am. I have been telling him that I am ready and my son needs to be with me (hes 7) and he completly ignores me. It got to the point where I said look, I have custody, and this is going to happen weather you like it or not. He told me that I basically would not be picking my son up, and that he that he was going to get custody. Bottom line I guess I need to know what my rights are. Because i have custody, do I have the right to get my son, and assume full responsibility, or can my ex keep me from him?
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Name: irish Amy | Date: Oct 17th, 2007 10:31 PM
Hi Shana, it sounds to me that you should go get him while you still have primary custody, if your ex does not want you to have your son then maybe he could go and do something about getting custody while he still has him and use your recent difficulties against you to help himself, you should probably act asap, in my opinion anyway, best of luck 

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