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but I think I resent my 7 yr old step-daughter. I've been with my Husband for four years, married for one and I can't recall a day that I've been truly happy, and it's not because of him! Now I've been trying to gather up enough courage to take my 2 children and tell my husband I can't live this way anymore. To shed some light on my predicament, when we met my daughter Katie was 5 and he had custody of his 3yr old daughter named Callie. I felt uneasy toward Callie from the get go because she was unnaturally smart for a 3yr old, and she had her father wrapped around her finger and knew exactly how to get what she wanted. I thought she's only 3, we'll get past this phase. I fell in head over heals in love with my future husband and we moved in together 6 months after we met. Immediately I found myself in a situation I did not know how to control. Since Chris, my husband, lived in a tiny apt., Katie and I could only bring the bare essentials. When Katie played with Callie's toys, Callie would physically attack her, bite, kick, and twice pulled a handful of hair out of Katie's head. This behavior was unacceptable to me and I demanded that Chris would discipline his daughter. He said he can't do anything about it because he didn't see it happen! This would go on quite often. Now Chris' mother watched Callie while we all went to work and I spent $160 a week for Kindercare for my daughter. Callie would come home everyday in new outfits or with new toys, etc. etc... Katie saw this, was sad that she didn't even get this as any 5yr old would be, I brought it to Chris' attention and he would say that we should be grateful for what we do get and we are being unappreciative.
Needless to say the two girls fought daily. Katie was resentful of Callie because of all the new stuff she always got and never got disciplined when she was bad (which was daily) and Callie just loved to torment Katie.
Flash forward to the present… with all that I mentioned and the numerous other accounts I could not because I would be writing a novel, things somehow managed to improve. As I put my foot down and won, Callie’s grandmother was not allowed to treat the girls differently. However Callie still has her I’m better than you attitude. She openly defies me every chance she gets. The girl shows no remorse or guilt when she gets in trouble, but looks you straight in the eyes with a hint of a smile. Now her behavior is getting more disturbing. When our 3rd child was 2 mos. old, my husband left her alone with Callie in Callie’s room to do whatever, I had no clue. Short story short I walked into see Callie completely laying over Collette…she was trying to smother her!! When Collette was learning to walk and happened to get in Callie’s view of the tv, Callie pushed Collette down who landed on her head on hard wood floor. When I yelled Callie’s name, never have I seen such a vicious look of hatred as I did when she turned to look at me. Most recently as Collette has turned 2 ½….there’s a possibility through Katie’s account of the story, that Callie purposely tried to hurt Collette because she wished she was never born!!
My husband had gotten better in the discipline department but is blind to everything else. Every time I bring up something about Callie he counter reacts with a story about Katie, and then it’s well she did this and well she did that. I’m tired of it all. I just want to know that I’m not the only one out there….maybe some support... most of all some advice. I know I’m leaving. I just need to know how to tell my husband that his 7 year old daughter won and I’m out of here.
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Name: Cheryll | Date: May 6th, 2007 6:51 AM
I forgot to mention that all the names have been made up. It was much easier for me to explain my situation by giving names to the people involved. 

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