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Okay I am a 20 year old mother of 2 gorgeous little boys one will be 2 in April and the other is going to be a month on Friday...There father and I have been together for 3 years(unmarried) and it seems since I have had my 2nd son we fight so much, he says degrading names to me like I'm a cunt sorry for the language, and we constantly fight about me going to school, which I think is VERY important for me since I was a high school drop out and got a GED last year..He is never happy with me..If I stay home all day and watch both boys I'm lazy and a piece of shit basically, if I want to go to work he expects me to make what he does which is impossible with NO schooling, and then if I want to go to school he makes shit out of me..Now the thing is one day he is the sweetest guy ever and other days he's a jerk and I know the best thing is for us to be split up but I love him sooo much and I think it's more than he loves me..I guess I am scared of him not wanting to see the boys and he has made me have such a low self-esteem that if I did leave I am so terrified that NO ONE will ever care for me again...The other day we got into a heated fight and he told me to go to the court house with him to sign away parental rights??? How does one even respond to that?? I don't say anything and just be nice..I mean what's the point of trying to fight with him right? I also hear all the time from his family "oh he'll grow up" wtf? I am 20 years old and I was forced to grow up when I was pregnant with my 1st at 17 years old...Also he is s disrespectful to me when I was in Labor within hours afterwards he's out and about with some guy at work he told me and he's home looking at porn(that's a whole different story) he shows so remorse either..I feel like his mother cuz' all he does is basically lie to me...Does anyone know what the child support laws are for Ohio or visitation rights are for fathers in Ohio?? I know all my answers to this topic just want some feedback from single mothers who are around my age who have the strength to leave the father of there kid or kids...How do I get over the heartache of leaving my 1st and only love the only person I have ever TRULY loved? If you can help me I would be so happy...I am so tired of crying and feeling my heart break in two...Thank you for those who answer...
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