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Hi-I'm new here-I have been married to my husband for 3 yrs, he has been divorced for 5yrs. He has 14yr old daughter with his ex-I have never met his daughter-in fact husband hid me from his previous family-I have never talked to his daughter or ex on phone. He says they know I exist-is it common for ex's and step children to pretend new spouse does not exist?
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Name: Texasmom | Date: Jul 9th, 2009 9:58 PM
It's not unusal for you to not speak with his ex-wife, but it is unusual to have never met his daughter. Do you have evidence they know about you? Do they live in the same town? I think you need to do some digging here. My concerns would have surfaced a long time ago. 

Name: Bella67 | Date: Jul 9th, 2009 11:16 PM
When I first met my husband he and I lived in one state, his ex and daughter in anouther. He told me he had been divorced for 3 yrs when we met. I later found out that he had not even filed for divorce until 6mos after we met-his divorce became final for real in 2004. Because of some legal issues he was not supposed to be dating any female-I did not find out about this until we had been dating for almost 2yrs. So he never introduced me as his girl friend at this time. His ex's sister lived in our state and saw us together. When his ex asked him about it he told her I was just some girl in his math class at college-minamised our relationship.
In 2205 he was done w/legal stuff and free to be open about our relationship. However the very day he was free he got call-his ex and daughter had been in car accident, so he left and moved to other state to take care of them.
He said due to accident his ex had amnesia and thought they were still married.
Ex recovered her health, memory and daughter moved back in with her. I moved to be with boyfriend, and was told he would be open about our relationship. We married 1mo after I arrived. He continued to hide me, we lived40 min away from his ex, daughter at that time. He made sure we never met,went every weekend to be w/them-He said if he was w/me and ran into them he would pretend not to know me! He would not introduce me to people who knew him and ex because he was worried they would mention me to ex. Instead of telling ex he had someone else in his life-he told her he had ED when she came onto him-he does not have it. He said he did this because they were totaly intollerent about him having any female in his life.
A year ago we moved back to our original state. He talks to them everyday-but I have never talked to them. He says they don't want to talk or meet or know anything about me because they don't like ANY other female in his life-nothing personal towards me. 

Name: SGC | Date: Jul 31st, 2009 5:17 PM
Amnesia? and you believe him? He is obviously up to something behind your back. Why wouldnt his daughter come to be with him instead of him going to be with THEM? Does he sleep over there as well? Sorry but somthing sounds very fishy!!! 

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