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Hi everyone,
I'm not looking for people to point the finger, I am here because my girlfriend of nearly 10 years is ready to leave me and move on with her life...and I want to make things right but I think i'm doing it all wrong?

I have ruined one of the 2 best things that has ever come into my life and I took it for granted for most part of the last 2 years.

The senario:

I spent almost 2 years on the computer building and maintaining a car club website, nights, weekends and 1st thing in a morning. I did this all by myself and have no one to blame but myself...

I have had 3 or 4 warnings over the past year that i didn't spend enough time with my family and if I didn't change she would leave me.

Well in February of this year I took heed of what she was saying and stopped it all together and I help out more with the housework, hoovering, washing, bins, washing up, and general household things that need doing.

We are still together but only just...

She is 90% ready to walk out the door and 10% wants to stay, I know I have done wrong and i have been self centered and a waste of space.

We both have altered so much in the last 4 months, she goes out more with her mate socialising, and I am doing a lot more around the house.

We also have a 5yr old girl.

We have decided to give us a go til the end of July to see if things get better...she has told she doesn't know if she can fall in love with me again..after what I did.

The final factor is there is 15 years between us and we have been together since she was quite young and has not experienced many of lifes findings.

I really want to fix this but I get mixed messages when I read the forums...

Some say go all in and others say back off and devote time to duaghter and self...

I have no hobbies or other interests and all I end up doing is sitting on the sofa whilst she chats away on the laptop to early hours of the morning...

any idea's would be appreciated thanks
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